960-733 – Coordinating Multiple Tasks, iLearn Edition

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  • Interactive online course and printed Summary, 48 p. (7-4675-03)
  • Scored activities (2), printed format (7-4675-07)

In compliance with all the requirements of the Diploma of Vocational Studies in the field of Secretarial Studies, this interactive online course allows the students to acquire the elements of the competency Coordinating Multiple Tasks, iLearn Edition and to learn how to: 

  • Plan Task Execution
  • ensuring efficiency and quality of work
  • tracking the completion of tasks

This interactive online course is a tool aimed at helping learners develop the ability to plan and execute tasks in a way that maximizes work performance and effectiveness. Among other things, learners will:

  • be shown how to plan their tasks by producing work schedules based on allocated time and priorities;
  • learn how to use a variety of functions in Microsoft and Outlook, two software programs that facilitate work effectiveness;
  • be tested and asked to act as a secretary by coordinating several tasks in simulated contexts;
  • receive several requests for which they will need to produce a variety of documents and be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office software.

These tasks will be based on priorities to be defined and will have to be carried out within a limited time frame.

Watch the video What is iLearn to learn more.

Duration: 45 hours (3 units)
  • Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Situation 1: Planning Task Execution
  • Situation 2: Ensure Work Effectiveness and Quality
  • Follow up on Task Completion

2 Scored activities.


Examination under supervision.

Note for teachers: 

The Lac-Félix WordPress site can be used to take the exam for course 960-733 – Coordinating Multiple Tasks, iLearn Edition.

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