960-722 – Technical Support

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  • Learning Guide, 96 p. (8-4624-01)
  • Scored Activities (2), 16 p. (7-4624-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 96 p. (N-4624-01)

The learning guide Technical Support is fully compliant with the Vocational Program in Secretarial Studies (DVS 5857), in the training sector of administration, commerce and computer technology.


As learners perform the assigned tasks, they acquire elements of the competency Technical Support:

  • ensuring equipment is working correctly and performing basic maintenance;
  • assisting personnel in using technological tools and equipment;
  • writing and communicating technical information;
  • procuring office supplies.


Learners are expected to develop their technical support skills in order to be able to provide technical assistance in their future work environment. by assistance, we mean: performing tasks on computer workstations, and restore normal operation of a device or optimize the performance of it.

Duration: 30 hours (2 units)

This learning guide consists of three work situations:

  • Practising IT Medicine
  • Troubleshooting Printing Equipment and Procuring Supplies
  • Troubleshooting IT Equipment in General

Examination under supervision.

For information, please contact us at info@sofad.qc.ca or by telephone at 514 529-2800 or, toll free, 1 866 840-9346.

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