Our vision

Learn and succeed in or out of the classroom!

Our mission

SOFAD’s mission is to provide school boards with the printed and online learning materials they need, given the variety of educational settings, training methods and learning paths, and to make its expertise available to other networks and organizations.

Our commitment

  • Put our expertise at the service of the needs and priorities of our clients and partners (the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur, school boards and other organizations).
  • Develop, produce and make available printed, digital and online learning and evaluation resources designed for distance or classroom education, in all of the sectors of activity in the school boards.
  • Integrate information technologies and multimedia in our pedagogical design with a view to optimizing the user’s experience and educational opportunities for everyone, everywhere.
  • Support businesses and workers in the competency development process by providing customized services for different educational needs.
  • Pursue strategic monitoring of trends, best practices, studies and research that inform our thinking and practices.
  • Contribute to the expansion of distance education and online training by taking targeted action and carrying out forward-looking projects with and for our clients and partners.
  • Encourage all appropriate partnerships with the relevant organizations in the field of education, in the world of work and in all other sectors of activity.

Our History

The Société de formation à distance des centres de services scolaires et des commissions scolaires du Québec (SOFAD), a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1996. The organization is the embodiment of the shared will of the Ministère and the school boards to centralize the design, production and research and development of distance education materials.

At first, SOFAD produced only printed materials; however, in 2000 it began to offer online courses in response to the push for greater use of technology in the field of distance education.

In 2003, SOFAD introduced customized services in order to offer its expertise to businesses and organizations with specific needs in the area of training, evaluation and staff certification.

By being closely attuned to an ever-evolving market and mindful of meeting the needs of its various clients, SOFAD has become a key player in its different activity sectors in Québec and the rest of Canada.