960-501 – Occupation and Training, iLearn Edition

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  • Interactive online course and printed Summary, 108 p. (7-4651-03)
  • Scored activities (1), printed format (7-4651-07)

The Occupation and Training, iLearn Edition competency is part of the secretarial studies program leading to the Diploma of Vocational Studies in Secretarial Studies 5857. 

The elements of this competency are:

  • be familiar with the nature of the occupation;
  • understand the program of study;
  • confirm their career choice.

Watch the video What is iLearn to learn more.

Duration: 15 hours (1 unit)

This interactive online course (iLearn) includes all the essential components for the learner's progress: 

  • up-to-date information on the realities of the secretarial profession;
  • a complete presentation of the secretarial studies program; 
  • a recommended approach for meeting a professional working as a secretary;
  • interactive, auto-corrected exercises and helpful feedback;
  • information sheets on stress management, search strategies, creating a LinkedIn profile, and an additional activity for creating a resume;
  • a printed Summary, a visual recap of the theoretical concepts covered in the interactive online course, with plenty of room for personal annotation.

Scored activity (1)

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