960-704 – Meetings and Events, 2nd edition

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  • Learning Guide, 180 p. (8-4672-01)
  • Scored Activities, (3), 40 p. (7-4672-07)
  • DIGITAL - Learning Guide, 180 p. (N-4672-01)

In compliance with all the requirements of the Diploma of Vocational Studies in the field of Secretarial Studies, Meetings and Events, 2nd edition:

  • has been completely revised to reflect user feedback and better structure theoretical notions;
  • includes tables, plans, lists and other useful documents;
  • uses numerous examples to highlight learning components;
  • offers a separate answer key, found under the “Resources for teachers” tab on the SOFAD portal. 

The work situation tasks foster the acquisition of the various elements of the competency. 

Learners perform activities related to the organization of meetings and events. They:

  • organize the work;
  • make and follow up on reservations;
  • prepare and distribute meeting notices, press releases, invitations and accompanying documents;
  • produce a report, minutes and event summary. 

They learn how to plan and organize meetings, annual general meetings and events. Learners also carry out each of the steps that ensure that they run smoothly. 

The Meetings and Events 2nd edition learning guide is full of practical exercises which reinforce learning and simulate the real needs of the job market. 

Duration: 30 hours (2 units) 

The guide is comprised of five work situations:

  • Meetings - Part 1
  • Meetings - Part 2
  • News releases
  • Events - Part 1
  • Events - Part 2 


The learner should have the equivalent of Secondary IV level. 

Proposed pre-assessments 

2 scored activities and 1 summary activity 

Evaluation leading to certification 

Taking a proctored exam 

For information, please contact us at info@sofad.qc.ca or by telephone at 514 529-2800 or, toll free, 1 866 840-9346.

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