960-501 – Occupation and Training

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  • Combo (9-4601)
  • Learning Guide, 88 p. (8-4601-01)
  • Scored Activity (1), 16 p. (7-4601-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 88 p. (N-4601-01)

The Occupation and Training learning guide conforms in all respects to the program leading to a Diploma of Vocation Studies (DVS 5357) in Secretarial Studies.

The tasks are designed to help the learner acquire the necessary elements of the competency Determine your suitability for the occupation and training process

  • familiarize yourself with the realities of the profession; 
  • learn about the program of studies; 
  • confirm your vocational direction.
Duration: 15 hours (1 unit)

The Occupation and Training guide is made up of three learning situations: 

  • About being a secretary;
  • A training program that gets results;
  • Taking stock.

The scored activity (My Report) can be used as a summative evaluation.

For any questions, please contact your Educational Delegate.

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