961-083 – Handling Cash, iLearn Edition

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  • Interactive online course and printed Summary, 246 p. (7-4758-03)
  • Scored activities (4), printed format (7-4758-07)

The competency Handling Cash is part of the program of study leading to the Diploma of Vocational Studies in Accounting (5731).

Today’s accounting clerks are autonomous and play a vital role in any management team. Acting as assistants, they support managers and other professionals, handling various tasks and assuming multiple responsibilities. A wide array of skills is required to meet the needs of today’s organizations.

961-083 - Handling Cash, iLearn Edition is an updated version of the printed Learning Guide. This iLearn (interactive online course) contains all the components the learner needs to progress along the right path: simulated work situations mirroring those of an actual accounting clerk and clear explanations to help efficiently perform various tasks within this professional field.

Throughout this course, the learner will discover how to:

  • balance cash registers
  • prepare deposits
  • transfer funds
  • manage petty cash funds
  • perform bank reconciliations of current and payroll accounts
  • prepare cash budgets
  • monitor cash on hand
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 45 hours


The course consists of seven (7) work situations designed to introduce the learner to new skills and teach how to handle them efficiently and use them competently. Each work situation is broken down into various tasks presented in an engaging and interactive manner. The content is explained in detail and supported by numerous examples and exercises to facilitate the practical application of new knowledge.

  • WS1 Understanding the Cash Register
  • WS2 Preparing and Making Deposits
  • WS3 Transferring Funds
  • WS4 Managing Petty Cash
  • WS5 Performing Bank Reconciliations
  • WS6 Preparing Cash Budgets
  • WS7 Ensuring Cash Control

3 scored activities and 1 pre-assessment activity

Evaluations for assessment purposes:

Supervised exam administration 

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