961-122 – Prepare the Payroll with Acomba, iLearn Edition (Available soon)

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  • Interactive online course and printed Summary, 180 p. (7-4762-03)
  • Scored activities (2), printed format (7-4762-07)

The competency Prepare the Payroll is part of the program of study leading to the Diploma of Vocational Studies in Accounting (5731).

961-122 - Prepare the Payroll with Acomba, iLearn Edition is an updated version of the printed Learning Guide. This iLearn (interactive online course) edition offers an engaging learning experience, placing the learner at the center of their learning journey. It provides simulated work situations mirroring those of an actual accounting clerk and clear explanations to help efficiently perform various tasks within this professional field. Learners will complete exercises using Excel files in Acomba.

Duration: 30 hours (2 units)

The course consists of four (4) Work Situations:

  • WS1 Payroll: Basic Concepts and Calculations

  • WS2 Calculate and Record Net Income

  • WS3 Calculate, Record, and Pay Employer Contributions

  • WS4 Process the Payroll with Acomba

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2 scored activities 

Evaluations for assessment purposes:

Supervised exam administration

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