INDISPENSABLE Science and Technology

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  • INDISPENSABLE Science and Technology (7-5129-04)
  • DIGITAL – INDISPENSABLE Science and Technology (N-5129-04)

INDISPENSABLE Science and Technology is a useful reference tool for anyone who needs to solve a scientific or technological problem, calculate, represent or model a scientific or technological process, gather data and represent it appropriately, establish relations, apply strategies, use scientific reasoning, communicate using appropriate terminology or carry out any other task linked to science and technology.

INDISPENSABLE Science and Technology is:

  • A comprehensive resource designed to promote understanding of scientific and technological knowledge and techniques at the Secondary IV level.
  • A must-have resource for updating your knowledge or finding essential information to advance your learning.

This reference tool is composed of six parts:

  1. Mathematical and Scientific Prerequisites
  2. Worlds of Knowledge
  3. Safety and Techniques
  4. Scientific Communication
  5. Strategies and Scientific Methods
  6. Culture and Media

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