TSG-4059-2 – General Science 1

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  • Learning Guide and Experimental Activity booklet, 380 p. (8-7724-01)
  • Scored Activities (3), 56 p. (7-7724-01)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide and Experimental Activity booklet, 380 p. (N-7724-01)
  • Common Lab Kit TSG-4059-2 and TSG-4060-2 (7-7624-04)
  • Experimental kit TSG-4059-2 (7-7624-05)
  • Electronic Balance (7-7609-08)
  • Laser Pointer (7-7624-08)

General Science 1 course focuses on the needs of the human body in terms of matter and energy and on the interactions between the nervous system and the external world.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

This course will allow learners to:

  • describe the characteristics of sound and light waves, and then explain their deflection;
  • explain how the nervous system and sensory receptors work, allowing the body to relate to its environment;
  • use the particle model of matter to illustrate and explain various physical and chemical changes;
  • explore some physical properties of aqueous solutions;
  • understand how the digestive system functions and the role its organs perform in transforming food;
  • put into practice the experimental process, modelling and observation approaches during several experimental activities, then communicate the results by writing a laboratory report.


Passing mark for scored activities (3): 60%

Passing mark for certification examination: 60%

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