MTH-4153-2 – Geometric Representation in a General Context

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Geometric Representation in a General Context is the third mathematics course in the Cultural, Social and Technical sequence of Secondary IV. The aim of this course is to is to develop the learner’s skills to deal with situations that require the geometric design, description or representation of a physical space or object (two-dimensional or three-dimensional).


The SOLUTIONS learning approach is based on the acquisition of all the prescribed mathematical knowledge in a problem-solving context. 

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

Leaners will be asked to deepen their knowledge of:

  • congruent triangles;
  • similar triangles.

They will complete your learning by studying new geometric relations

  • metric relations in right triangles;
  • trigonometric relations in triangles.

Learners will be required to use various solution strategies to understand and model situational problems. They will need to use your mathematical reasoning skills. They will also have to describe how you solved these problems clearly and thoroughly using mathematical language.


Passing mark for scored activity: 60%

Passing mark for supervised ministry examination: 60%

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