ENG-2102-4 – Rights and Responsibilities

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  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 376 p. (N-1934-01)
  • Learning Guide, 376 p. (8-1934-01)

The Rights and Responsibilities learning guide (workbook) engages the learner in an exploration of topics and issues related to exercising one's rights and responsibilities as a citizen. Some of the topics discussed are: literacy on the job, judging the reliability of information, budgeting, being a consumer, and defending one's rights. Each chapter models an authentic situation that develops the skills and competencies required to accomplish the tasks. The course addresses a single class of situations: Using language in exercising rights and responsibilities.

This is the second of two courses for the Secondary II level.

Duration: 100 hours (4 units)

Through 10 learning situations and 4 scored activities (formative assessment situations), the Rights and Responsibilitieslearning guide explores issues related to rights and responsibilities by presenting a series of scenarios to the learner. The learner is guided in developing the skills and competencies necessary to complete the tasks embedded in the scenario. The learner produces various multi-media forms such as opinion essays, budget recommendations, formal and informal letters, cover letters and résumés, brochures, and public service announcements. Comic strips, photo stories, and short stories are used throughout to create context and draw a parallel between fiction and non-fiction as relates to issues and concerns related to rights and responsibilities. The learner is required to form and express opinions and preferences.

Media resource page: audio and video resources

Annexes: Glossary, Answer Key


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