ENG-1102-2 – Enjoyment and Entertainment I

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  • Learning Guide, 292 p. (8-1932-01)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 292 p. (N-1932-01)

The Enjoyment and Entertainment I learning guide (workbook) engages the learner in a mentor/protegé relationship. The learner plays the role of an assistant to an expert in the arts community. Each chapter models an authentic learning situation that develops the skills and competencies required to accomplish the production of various resources for the arts community. The course addresses a single class of situations: Using language to explore Quebec and Canadian cultural expression.

This is the second of two courses for the Secondary I level.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

Through 8 learning situations and 3 scored activities (formative assessment situations), the Enjoyment and Entertainment 1 learning guide explores Quebec and Canadian cultural expression by presenting a series of Work Requests to the learner. The learner is guided by the mentor in developing the skills and competencies necessary to complete the Work Request. The arts are explored through an analysis and appreciation for various forms of art such as graffiti, painting, music, poetry, film, photography, and story-telling. The learner is required to form and express opinions and preferences. He or she learns how to write descriptive texts, letters, emails, and a press release. The learner also creates posters, oral productions, and illustrations.

Media resource page: audio and video resources

Annexes: Glossary, Audio Transcripts, Answer Key


In accordance with the end of course assessment procedures used by the institution where the adult is registered. In conformity with the applicable definition of domain for the field.

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