961-042 – Calculations Related to Source Documents, iLearn Edition

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  • Interactive online course and printed Summary, xx p. (7-4754-03)
  • Scored activities (2), printed format (7-4754-07)

The interactive online course Calculations Related to Source Documents, iLearn Edition, is offered as part of the vocational program of study in Accounting. The elements of this competency are:

  • Calculating and preparing supporting documents related to purchases and sales;
  • Calculating discounts and preparing supporting documents;
  • Calculating international payments and preparing supporting documents;
  • Calculating simple interest;
  • Calculating compound interest and prepare loan amortization schedules. 

This iLearn includes all the components necessary for the learner's progress: 

  • Real-life work situations related to an accounting clerk's job;
  • A multitude of tasks related to the field of accounting;
  • A diagnostic test on basic mathematical operations;
  • Interactive exercises with automatic correction and helpful feedback;
  • a course on how to use a commercial calculator;
  • Summaries of the concepts being studied in a printed book called the "Summary", useful for notetaking and review.

Duration: 30 hours (2 units)
  • Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Situation 1: Prepare to Properly Fill Out Supporting Documents
  • Situation 2: Supporting Documents in Commercial Exchanges
  • Situation 3: Price Reductions
  • Situation 4: Foreign Currencies and International Payments
  • Situation 5: Simple Interest
  • Situation 6: Compound Interest 

1 pre-assessment and 2 scored activities 

Evaluations for assessment purposes:

Supervised exam administration 

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