PHS-5062-2 – Dynamics and Transformation of Mechanical Energy, 2nd Edition

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  • Learning Guide + Experimental Activities Booklet, 502 p. (8-7751-01)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide + Experimental Activities Booklet, 502 p. (N-7751-01)
  • Scored Activities (3), 46 p. (7-7751-01)
  • PHS-5062-2 Lab Kit (7-7651-04)
  • Acceleration Timer with Ticker Tape (7-7650-06)
  • Dynamics Cart (7-7650-08)
  • Weights Set with hanger (7-7650-09)

PHS-5062-2 – Dynamics and Transformation of Mechanical Energy, 2nd Edition is the learning material for the second of two courses in the Secondary V physics program. The goal of this course is to develop the learner’s understanding of the forces that act on objects (cause of motion) and the law of conservation of mechanical energy, as well as the learner’s ability to look for answers to related problems.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

In this course composed of 5 chapters, the learner will:

  • learn about the concepts of work and power which, in physics, have a meaning different from the one commonly used.
  • deepen knowledge of different types of forces and the law of conservation of energy seen in Secondary IV.
  • explain certain phenomena, for example, the factors involved when heat is released from a braking system or when constant speed is reached by a falling skydiver.

Using the knowledge acquired from this course, the learner will be able to explain the factors involved in certain phenomena and the operation of at least one technological application, such as a bathroom scale. He/She will also carry out several experimental activities designed to improve the learner’s ability to employ the techniques and methods used in physics.

Listed below are the three competences the learner will develop:

  • Seeks answers or solutions to problems involving physics.
  • Makes the most of his/her knowledge of physics.
  • Communicates ideas relating to questions involving physics, using the languages associated with science and technology.
  • Passing grade : 60%

PHS-5061-2 – Kinematics and Geometric Optics

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