Online Exam | Examination for workers who apply pesticides to lawns (certificate of achievement only) (EXAMAPP-01A)

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  • Access Key - Online Exam (N-EPESA-13)

The Examination for workers who apply pesticides to lawns is for people assigned to the application of pesticides to lawns. The certificate of achievement of this exam allows the attendant who obtains it, to apply pesticides to lawns under certain conditions, without holding a certificate. Passing this exam leads to obtaining a certificate of achievement only and not a certificate from the MELCCFP. 

These conditions are set out in a memorandum of instructions issued by the MELCC. Click here to view the memorandum.


Length of the exam: 

3 hours 





Material allowed during the exam:

A calculator and a dictionary. No other documentation is allowed.


Passing grade:

65 %

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