CHE-5061-2 – Chemisty: Gases and Energy, 2nd Edition

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  • Learning Guide and Experimental Activities Booklet, 534 p. (8-7712-01)
  • Scored Activities (3), 72 p. (7-7712-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide + Experimental Activities Booklet, 534 p. (N-7712-01)
  • Electronic Balance (7-7609-08)
  • Experimental Kit - CHE-5061 (7-5612-04)
  • Common Experimental Kit – CHE-5061 and CHE-5062 (7-5612-05)

The Gases and Energy course is a Secondary V course that aim to develop the ability to seek answers to problems related to the behaviour and properties of gases and energy changes in chemical reactions.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

In this course, the learner will:

  • analyze a phenomenon or technological application related to the behaviour of gases or the energy involved in chemical reactions;  
  • learn about the chemical and physical properties of gases and the energy involved in chemical transformations such as combustion, oxidation, decomposition, and synthesis;
  • predict, qualitatively and quantitatively, the behaviour of gaseous substances and the spontaneity of a chemical reaction;
  • understand the operations of a technological device, such as a manometer, a hot-air balloon, a spray can, diving equipment or an alcohol thermometer;
  • carry out practical activities that involve experiments, modelling and writing laboratory reports.

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