MTH-5170-2 – Optimization in a Fundamental Context

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  • Learning Guide, 256 p. (8-8828-01)
  • Scored Activities (7-8828-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 256 p. (N-8828-01)

Optimization in a Fundamental Context is the first mathematics course that you are required to take in the Secondary V Science sequence. It is designed to develop the learner’s skills in dealing with situations that require optimal solutions.


The SOLUTIONS learning approach is based on the acquisition of all the prescribed mathematical knowledge in a problem-solving context.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

The learner will study linear programming, namely:

  • systems of first-degree inequalities in two variables;
  • the representation of constraints;
  • the feasible region;
  • the objective or economic function.


The learner will complete their learning by making potential modifications to the conditions of a situation to make them more efficient.

The learner will be required to use various solution strategies to understand and model situational problems. He/she will need to use his/her mathematical reasoning skills. He/she will also have to describe how he/she solved these problems clearly and thoroughly using mathematical language.


Passing mark for scored activities: 60%

Passing mark for certification examination: 60%

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