MTH-2102-3 – Geometric Representations and Transformations

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  • Learning Guide, 420 p. (8-1930-01)
  • Scored Activities, 68 p. (4) (7-1930-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 420 p. (N-1930-01)

Geometric Representations and Transformations is the fourth and last course in the Mathematics program, designed for the Common Core Basic Education (CCBE) program at the Secondary level. This course contains eight learning situations that require learners to solve problems involving measurement and representation as well as problems related to transformations in the physical environment. This will allow learners to develop their competencies to communicate and reason logically while acquiring essential knowledge in a meaningful context. This course contains a self-evaluation activity and is accompanied by four scored activities.

Duration: 75 hours (3 units)
  • Units of length, capacity, mass and temperature
  • Conversion of units between the international system of units and the imperial system of units
  • Number line and fractions
  • Length, area and volume
  • Plans and scale representations
  • Nets of solids
  • Geometric transformations
  • Similar and congruent figures
  • Angles

Passing mark for scored activities: 60%

Passing mart for certification examination: 60%

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