MTH-1102-3 – Statistics and Probability

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  • Learning Guide, 344 p. (8-1928-01)
  • Scored Activities (3) (7-1928-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 344 p. (N-1928-01)

Statistics and Probability is the second of a series of four courses in the Mathematics program, designed for the Common Core Basic Education (CCBE) program at the Secondary level. This course is divided into three parts and comprises nine learning situations that require learners to carry out and analyze a survey, while avoiding sources of bias. Learners will also be required to use tables and graphs to illustrate their results. In addition, they will have to calculate the probability that an event will occur. This course contains a self-evaluation activity and is accompanied by three scored activities.

Duration: 75 hours (3 units)

Data Collection:

Population, sample, sample survey, census, statistical survey, sources of bias, sampling method (random and systematic), determining a representative sample.

Statistical Distributions:

Quantitative and qualitative data, maximum, minimum, range, relative frequency tables, broken-line and circle graphs, method for finding the mean of a distribution, calculating the mean of a distribution.


Random experiment, equiprobable and non-equiprobable events, sample space, theoretical and frequential probabilities, relationships between two events, calculating the number of favourable cases, count.


Passing mark for scored activities: 60%

Passing mart for certification examination: 60%

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