ENG-5103-3 – English, Research and Persuasion

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  • Learning Guide, 260 p. (8-6009-01)
  • Scored Assignments, 40 p. (3) (7-6009-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 260 p. (N-6009-01)

English, Research and Persuasion is a 75-hour course, the third of three in Secondary V English Language Arts. To achieve the three targeted competencies, learners are guided in doing effective research, developing informed views, and persuading others with solid support and data. The learners will read, listen to, and watch a variety of documents that contain informative, explanatory, persuasive, or argumentative elements. By the end of the course, the adult learners will apply the communication conventions in debates, essays, and research papers. Accompanying video and audio resources are available online.

Duration: 75 hours (3 units)

Each learning situation in this workbook includes activities that relate to real-life contexts. The activities will help learners develop the competencies for this course.

  • Learning situation 1: Analyzing the credibility and accuracy of information.
  • Learning situation 2: Analyzing and discussing reports and speeches meant to influence public opinion.
  • Learning situation 3: Building formal arguments to prepare for an informal debate as part of public consultations.
  • Learning situation 4: Learning the skills needed to give an opinion in an argumentative essay.
  • Learning situation 5: Reading research papers and making sense of information from various sources to present credible information supporting a point of view.
  • Learning situation 6: Doing research to learn more about a subject, in order to interpret and evaluate sources before writing a research paper.

In conformity with the Definition of the Evaluation Domain. 
Responding to texts; writing an essay; presenting a research paper. 

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