ENG-1101-4 – Informed Choices

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  • Learning Guide, 462 p. (8-1931-01)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 462 p. (N-1931-01)

The Informed Choices learning guide (workbook) was designed to grab and hold the learner’s attention through a narrative in which he or she is involved. The learner plays the part of a Rookie in a multimedia news centre.

The course addresses a single class of situations: Using language to explore current issues in the media.

This is the first of two courses for the Secondary I level.

Duration: 100 hours (4 units)

Through 10 learning situations and 4 scored activities (formative assessment situations), the Informed Choices learning guide explores current issues through different media genres.

The issues are presented in such a way as to encourage the learner to exercise critical and ethical judgement, for example: cyberbullying, piracy, advertorials, genetic engineering, bias and prejudice, voter apathy.

Annexes: Glossary, Audio Transcripts, Answer Keys.


In accordance with the end of course assessment procedures used by the institution where the adult is registered. In conformity with the applicable definition of domain for the field.

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