The SOFAD sales policy applies to all sales made on our website sofad.qc.ca, through our distributor PROLOGUE or with our customer service department.

1. Orders

To place an order for printed and digital products, please visit our website sofad.qc.ca.

2. Copyright

Please note that the use of all SOFAD publications and resources is subject to the provisions of the Canadian Copyright Act.

3. Prices

Prices on the SOFAD website sofad.qc.ca are in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes or shipping. All sales are in accordance with the Act respecting the development of Québec firms in the book industry. Prices must be paid in full and in a single instalment when orders are placed. All orders must be paid for in Canadian dollars. For a delivery outside Canada, it is the recipient’s responsibility to pay any applicable customs duties and local taxes. Refunds for articles that are no longer available are also made in Canadian dollars. For an order or refund outside Canada, the exchange rate applied is the rate in effect on the day the order or refund is made. The SOFAD undertakes to reimburse the same amount in Canadian dollars as the amount charged for the out-of-stock or returned article; however, we cannot be held responsible for any difference due to the exchange rate applied by the customer’s bank.

4. Payment

Orders placed on the SOFAD website sofad.qc.ca must be paid by credit card or be charged to the customer’s account if applicable. Please follow the instructions provided on the website or by our customer service department.

5. Delivery Charges and Standards

Delivery charges are applied to all orders (except orders for digital products).

  • For the carrier used by our distributor PROLOGUE (usable only for customer accounts), delivery charges are calculated on the total amount of the invoice before taxes. The minimum charge for delivery of invoice titles in Quebec is $9.00 or 1.8% of the net invoice value.

  • For delivery by Canada Post, charges depend on the number of products ordered and the destination.

Our shipping standards are 3 to 7 business days. 

You can contact our customer service department at any time for information about your order. Under no circumstances can the SOFAD be held responsible for a delivery delay caused by the carrier or by the distributor running out of stock.

6. Returns

The SOFAD policy on returns is as follows:

Claims regarding incomplete or incorrect deliveries (wrong items or quantities) must be submitted to our customer service department within 10 days of the delivery date, with proof of purchase. Any learning guides returned to us must be in perfect condition for resale and free of labels or stickers.

Claims for exchanges of defective or damaged articles must be communicated in writing to our customer service department at info@sofad.qc.ca.

The SOFAD will not accept claims or returns for any other reasons than those mentioned above.

Sales of digital products are final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

7. Digital Products

Customers may download a digital product as soon as the transaction has been accepted and they have received their access code or download link. Customers are authorized to make a single download and to install the product, for their exclusive use, on two devices.

The downloaded files are the works of authors and as such are protected by copyright. In accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act, a purchased digital file is reserved for personal, private use, without further charge. Any reproduction—other than what is necessary to download the file—adaptation, collective use, resale or rental of the work is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. The SOFAD reserves the right to monitor the use of its resources at any time and to suspend access if we should discover any unauthorized use. In such a case, legal action may be taken, and a penalty applied to the customer account in question.

The end user undertakes to respect the rights of the SOFAD and to refrain from circumventing or disrupting our monitoring of ebook use. Any use outside the provisions of these general terms of sale constitutes an act of forgery and exposes the end user to legal action.

Sales of digital products are final. No refunds or exchanges will be accepted.

Under no circumstances can the SOFAD be held responsible for any compatibility problems between our digital products and users’ devices, including those resulting from different versions of reading software or from file protection methods, unless the product description provided is shown to be inaccurate.

8. Learners with special needs

SOFAD now offers a digital version with the purchase of a learning guide. SOFAD supports learners enrolled in Adult General Education or Vocational Training, who have special needs due to sensory, physical or neurological impairments and for whom a recognized intervention plan, including accommodations, includes the use of a digital version of the learning resources.

SOFAD certifies that it holds all rights to the digital version of the guide, including copyright.