Enrol anyplace that is most convenient for you

Several school service centers/school boards offer distance learning in general education (path leading to a secondary school diploma – SSD), vocational training (path leading to a diploma of vocational studies – DVS) or skills development. To find out which school boards also offer vocational training and skills development programs, see this table.

The following map provides information on the school boards that offer distance education courses in Secondary I to V general education distance education. We invite you to contact the school service center/school board of your choice to find out about the courses offered and registration procedures.


Distance learning offers many advantages

The many advantages of distance learning (flexibility, independence and savings in terms of time and money, etc.) make it a worthwhile option to explore if you want to update your skills despite personal or work-related constraints. Organizing your time efficiently and staying motivated will help you achieve your educational goals.

SOFAD specializes in individual and self-directed learning. All of our instructional materials, developed in accordance with the Québec Education Program, are designed to support you in the course of your education and training and to help you learn at your own pace.

You can usually register at any time, which means that you can start your courses at any time of the year and, of course, study at the time and in the place of your choosing!

Distance learning does not mean working in a vacuum

If you need it, you can count on the personalized support of a tutor or instructor at the education centre where you are enrolled. Whether you meet with this resource person at the centre or online, you will enjoy the guidance and assistance you need to succeed.

Your tutor or instructor can be reached by email, online or regular mail, and is there to answer your questions and guide you through the learning process. Whether it be to correct your assignments, provide help, suggest ways to improve your grasp of the subject matter or help you prepare for the certification examination, your tutor or instructor and SOFAD are there for you.

Develop valuable lifelong skills

Choosing distance learning will help you develop several useful skills that will stand you in good stead in both your personal and professional life, including greater autonomy, organized and disciplined working habits and systematic and structured thinking — not to mention better reading, writing and communication skills!