As a step to reduce our environmental footprint, SOFAD offers sample copies of its resources in digital format instead of printed format.

Please note that only teachers and education consultants who have a portailsofad.com account created with their professional e-mail address can request sample copies.

To receive a digital sample copy of a resource, please send the required information by e-mail to info@sofad.qc.ca with the subject SAMPLE COPY REQUEST.

Required information***

  • First name, family name:
  • Position:
  • Center:
  • School board:
  • Professional e-mail address:
  • Telephone number:
  • Teaching subject(s):
  • Teaching grade(s):
  • Title or the course number of the requested copy:

***Requests will only be processed when they contain all the required information. The process can take a few days and SOFAD reserves the right to determine the number of transmitted resources.


SOFAD offers complimentary presentations of its collections and portal to teachers and pedagogical consultants upon request. Contact your educational delegate to make an appointment.

Wendy Dann

Educational Delegate
514 529-2815

Sylvie Grimard

Educational Delegate
418 387-2021