MTH-5173-2 – Geometric Representation in a Fundamental Context 2

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  • Combo (9-8830)
  • Volume 1 – Learning Guide, 432 p. (8-8830-01)
  • Volume 2 – Learning Guide, 364 p. (8-8830-02)
  • Volume 1 and Volume 2 – Learning Guide (7-8830-12)
  • Scored Activities (3), 52 p. (7-8830-07)

Geometric Representation in a Fundamental Context 2 is the third course in the Secondary V Science sequence. The aim of this course, is to develop skills in dealing with situations based on spatial descriptions or representations.


The SOLUTIONS collection learning approach is based on the acquisition of all the prescribed mathematical knowledge in a problem-solving context.


This guide has 2 volumes and several digital components on

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

Learners will study geometry concepts namely:

  • the circle
  • the ellipse
  • the hyperbola
  • the parabola


They will be introduced to the concept of vectors and their properties for the first time.

They will complete their learning by expanding knowledge of:

  • trigonometic identities
  • equivalent figures
  • geometric transformations



Examination under supervision

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