Summary Teaching Guide – MTH-SCI-4

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  • Summary Teaching Guide MTH-SCI 4 (8-8819-11)

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This teaching guide provides further detail on the components of the SOLUTIONS learning guides. It presents the learning approach based on the acquisition of all the prescribed mathematical knowledge in a problem-solving context.

Designed as a reference for teachers, this support document provides a summary of the elements of the Diversified Basic Education (DBE) program such as the nature of the learning activities, families of learning situations, subject-specific competencies, program options, prescribed knowledge and evaluation criteria.



  • Nature of learning activities
  • Favoured teaching approach
  • Families of learning situations
  • Program options
  • The three subject-specific competencies
  • Prescribed knowledge
  • Evaluation criteria targeted in the DBE course.


  • Summary of the elements of the CCBE or DBE program.
  • Table providing an overview of the course structure
  • Phases in solving situational problems and LES activities
  • List of observable factors for LES activities
  • Strategies for solving situational problems
  • Structure of ICT activities
  • Structure of evaluation activities

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