960-572 – Designing Presentations

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The competency Designing Presentations is part of the program of study for a Diploma of Vocational Studies in the field of Secretarial Studies (DVS 5857). As students perform the assigned tasks, they acquire elements of the competency Design presentations:

  • organize the work to be done
  • produce the presentation
  • set up the presentation layout
  • check the quality of the presentation
  • deliver the presentation
Duration: 30 hours (2 units)

Learners will learn how to organize the work to be done. They will become familiar with two types of presentation software: PowerPoint and Google Slides. Then they will use PowerPoint to create, verify and deliver effective presentations.

The learning guide Designing Presentations consists of three work situations:

  • Learning to Use PowerPoint
  • Using Different Presentation Software
  • Creating an Effective Presentation

Passing mark for scored activity: 60%

Passing mark for supervised ministry examination: 60%

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