CHE-5041-2 – Gases

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  • Combo (9-2044)
  • Learning Guide, 532 p. (8-2044-01)
  • Experimental Activities of Chemistry for the three Chemistry courses (7-2044-03)
  • Scored Activities (3) (0-2044-02)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 532 p. (N-2044-01)
  • Chemistry – Lab Kit (7-2038-04)
  • Gases – Lab Kit (7-2038-05)

Gases is the first optional course in a series of three for adults who are completing the Secondary V Chemistry program, equivalent to Chemistry 534 offered in the youth sector. Through applying the scientific method, this first course helps students gain a better understanding of the behaviour of gases and establish links with related technical phenomena, social changes and environmental consequences.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)
  • The properties of the states of matter and the general behaviour of substances undergoing phase changes.
  • The presence of gases in nature and their use by humans.
  • The laws governing the behaviour of gases.
  • The ideal gas law and Dalton’s law of partial pressures.
  • The energy balance of a chemical reaction occurring in a gaseous state.

The passing grade for the scored activities: 60%

The passing grade for the end of course evaluation: 60%

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