PSC-4012-2 – Ionic Phenomena: A study of an Environmental Problem

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The PSC-4012-2 – Ionic Phenomena: A study of an Environmental Problem course focuses the principal concepts and phenomena of chemistry that are essential to an understanding of such problems as acid rain and the pollution of water by fertilizers and pesticides. It presents the atomic model and the periodic table of elements. It introduces the subject of chemical bonding, which occurs in the formation of compounds such as acids, bases and salts. On the social level, it teaches the learner to analyze the main factors contributing to acidification and the pollution of waterways. Following the presentation of a step-by-step case study, the learner is asked to assess articles dealing with problems related to the use of chemical products.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

This learning guide aims to help the learner achieve the following objectives:

  • To understand the characteristics of the current simplified atomic model;
  • To grasp the importance of the periodic table for understanding the electronic configuration of the elements, chemical bonds and stoichiometric calculations;
  • To understand the new nomenclature and the traditional nomenclature for chemical compounds;
  • To know the characteristics of acids, bases and salts;
  • To solve problems involving concentration, dilution and stoichiometry;
  • To place the development of knowledge and techniques related to the use of chemical substances in a social and historical perspective;
  • To know a method for analyzing problems related to the use of chemical substances and to use it to study acid precipitation;
  • To understand the sources of acid precipitation and its effects on our society and to analyze solutions to this problem;
  • To realize that many debates on environmental questions require a knowledge of chemistry.

Supervised ministry examination.

Passing mark: 60%

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