PSC-4011-2 – Electricity: What's the connection?

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The PSC-4011-2 – Electricity: What's the connection? course introduces the underlying principles governing electrical phenomena and makes the learner aware of the steps in the production and use of electricity. The main social aspects of electricity use are also covered. Finally, the learner is asked to evaluate the implications of decisions taken by politicians to satisfy the ever-growing demand for electricity.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

This learning guide aims to help the learner achieve the following objectives:

  • To understand the basic characteristics of static and dynamic electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism. To place the development of knowledge and technology related to the uses of electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism in a social and historical context;
  • To understand the laws that govern the operation and use of electrical circuits, the distribution of electricity in residential circuits and its domestic uses and the operation of manufactured products that use electricity and magnetism;
  • To become aware of the risks and hazards associated with electricity, as well as the safety rules required for its proper use;
  • To understand the importance of the production and consumption of electrical energy in our society and the current debate on issues pertaining to the production and consumption of electrical energy in our society.

Course passing mark: 60%    

Examination passing mark: 60%

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