PHS-5062-2 – Forces and Mechanical Energy

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  • Combo (9-5711)
  • Learning Guide + Experimental Activities Booklet, 502 p. (8-5711-01)
  • Scored Activities, 84 p. (4) (7-5711-07)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 422 p. (N-5711-01)
  • Forces and Mechanical Energy – Lab Kit (7-7651-04)

Forces and Mechanical Energy is the course following Optics and Kinematics.

While kinematics studies motion, dynamics studies the causes of this motion: forces. Forces are essential to achieve work and, in order to work, we need energy. This course focuses on mechanical energy and on one of the most important and most widely used laws in the study of the physical world, the law of conservation of energy.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

Thislearning guide features six learning sequences designed to help the learner to acquire new knowledge and to apply it proficiently.

The subject-specific competency “Seeks answers or solutions to problems involving physics” will be required to carry out tasks in experimental activities, such as measuring the force needed to set a block of wood in motion on various rough surfaces.

The subject-specific competency “Makes the most of his/her knowledge of physics” will be required to complete tasks in complex and realistic situations, such as recommending the appropriate motor to operate a stairlift.

For both of these competencies, the learner will apply the subject-specific competency “Communicates ideas relating to questions involving physics, using the languages associated with science and technology” by explaining results or justifying choices.

A self-evaluation activity and four scored assignments will allow to assess the learner’s knowledge and competencies.


Passing grade for the scored activities: 60%

Passing grade for the end of course evaluation: 60%

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