PHS-5061-2 – Optics and Kinematics

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  • Scored Activities (4) (7-5710-07)
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  • Chronometer (7-5610-05)
  • Optics and Kinematics – Lab Kit (7-7650-04)

Optics and Kinematics is the first of two courses in the Secondary V physics program.

Kinematics is the branch of classical mechanics that studies motion without consideration of its causes. The simplest kind of motion is the linear motion. Geometric optics, which concerns the behaviour of light when it strikes a reflecting surface or when it passes from one medium into another, will be used to analyze the operation of various instruments and devices that use mirrors or lenses.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

This learning guide features seven learning sequences designed to help the learner to acquire new knowledge and to apply it proficiently.

The subject-specific competency “Seeks answers or solutions to problems involving physics” will be required to carry out tasks in experimental activities, such as verifying the second law of reflection.

The competency “Makes the most of his/her knowledge of physics” will be required to complete tasks in complex and realistic situations, such as planning a stunt in which a stunt man falls from the roof of a building.

For each of these competencies, the learner will apply the competency “Communicates ideas relating to questions involving physics, using the languages associated with science and technology” when explaining results or justifying choices.

A self-evaluation activity and four scored assignments will allow to assess the learner’s knowledge and competencies.


Passing grade for the scored activities: 60%

Passing grade for the end of course evaluation: 60%

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