MTH-5111-2 – Complement and Systhesis II

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  • Combo (9-1533)
  • Learning Guide, 840 p. (8-1533-01)
  • Scored Activities (3) (0-1533-50)

In this course, learners will review the functions that were introduced in previous courses. They will then study the composition of functions and the four operations on these functions as well as inequalities in one variable. This course also focuses on geometry and summarizes content covered in previous courses. The emphasis is on rigorous reasoning and the ability to make connections among various mathematical concepts.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)
  • Operations on Real Functions;
  • Characteristics of the Function Resulting from an Operation;
  • Composition of Two Real Functions;
  • First- and Second-Degree Inequalities in One Variable;
  • Inequalities Containing Absolute Values and Square Roots;
  • Solving Problems Containing an Inequality;
  • Relations Governing Measurements in Triangles;
  • Relations Governing Measurements in Circles;
  • Proofs;
  • Solving Problems Involving Circles and Right Triangles.

A supervised ministerial examination in an adult education centre.

Passing mark: 60%

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