MTH-5110-1 – Introduction to Vectors

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  • Learning Guide, 702 p. (8-1532-01)
  • Scored Activities (3) (0-1532-50)

In this course, learners will learn about vectors in the plane, algebraic and geometric vectors as well as vector notation and symbols. They will study operations on vectors and their properties: addition, multiplication by a scalar and scalar multiplication of two vectors. They will also be introduced to the formal mathematics pertaining to vectors: linear combination of vectors, vector bases in the plane and the use of vectors to prove the principles of geometry. The main focus of this course, however, is the use of vectors to solve problems.

Duration: 25 hours (1 unit)

• Vector Notation and Symbols;

• Vector Addition and Multiplication of a Vector by a Scalar;

• Linear Combination of Two Vectors and Scalar Product;

• Vectors and Proofs;

• Solving Problems Involving Vectors.


A supervised ministerial examination in an adult education centre.

Passing mark: 60%

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