MTH-5103-1 – Probability II

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  • Combo (9-1525)
  • Learning Guide, 348 p. (8-1525-01)
  • Scored Activities (3) (0-1525-50)

In this course, learners learn to determine the probability of an event by using various modes of representation: list of possible outcomes, probability tree, contingency table, area model. They also learn to use the rules of multiplication and addition to calculate probabilities. In addition to probability, this course features the concept of odds (i.e., “odds for” and “odds against”). The course features compound probabilities, with a special emphasis on conditional probability. Another new concept covered in this course is that of mathematical expectation, which is used to determine whether a game of chance is fair. Lastly, this course focuses on probabilities in a geometric context.

Duration: 25 hours (1 unit)

• Definitions and Basic Probability Concepts;

• Odds and Probability;

• Probability in a Geometric Context;

• Solving Problems by Using Probabilities in a Geometric Context;

• Random Experiments Consisting of Several Steps;

• Rules of Multiplication and Addition;

• Conditional Probability;

• Mathematical Expectation.


A supervised ministerial examination in an adult education centre.

Passing mark: 60%

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