MTH-2008-2 – Statistics and Probabilities I

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  • Combo (9-1356)
  • Learning Guide, 398 p. (8-1356-01)
  • Scored Activities (2) (0-1356-02)

This is the first compulsory course on basic concepts in statistics and probabilities. In this course, learners learn to make frequency distribution tables as well as different charts (bar charts, pictographs, pie charts, histograms), and are introduced to the calculation of probabilities.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

• Data tables, frequency distribution tables and the range of a distribution;

• Broken-line graphs, vertical and horizontal bar graphs and pictographs;

• Circle graphs;

• Histograms;

• Tree diagrams;

• Calculating probabilities.


A supervised ministerial examination in an adult education centre.

Passing mark: 60%

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