CMP-5062-2 – Computer Graphics – 2nd Edition

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  • Combo (9-7206)
  • Learning Guide, 204 p. (8-7206-01)
  • Scored Assignments (2) (0-7206-02)

This course is an introduction to graphic design programs and all they have to offer. It is not intended as a graphic design course. This guide helps learners as they learn to use their choice of software program to create, modify, and print images. The guide focuses on the basics common to all graphics programs, and the activities included assist the learners as they apply these fundamental principles.

Second edition (update): the material has been augmented and completely reorganized; commands and menus have been updated; a project that integrates and synthesizes the skills learned has been added.

Duration: 50 hours (2 units)

Each chapter includes theory, practical activities, a methodological approach, a review activity and a review of learned skills.

• Introduction to the basics of graphics programs;

• Creative tools;

• Vector-based objects and bitmap layers;

• Filters, effects, and optimization;

• Conclusion and final integration project.


Course passing grade: 60%

Examination passing grade (local exam under supervision): 60%

The software used for the final exam should be the same that was used by the learner during the course. Otherwise a period of time for the learner to get used to the exam software should be granted.

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