CMP-5058-1 – Spreadsheets 1

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  • Combo (9-7204)
  • Learning Guide, 138 p. (8-7204-01)
  • Scored Activity (1) (0-7204-02)

An introduction to the basics of spreadsheets. This learning guide aims at preparing learners to use the spreadsheet program of their choice to create and modify worksheets and to use formulas and functions. The learners also learn to modify the layout of the worksheets and to print their work. The approach focuses on the underlying logic common to most spreadsheet software and the activities support learners in developing basic spreadsheet skills with their software.

Duration: 25 hours (1 unit)

Each chapter includes a description of concepts, an explanation of the associated commands, where they can be found and how they work, practice exercises, a suggested work method, a review activity and a self-check quiz.

• Introduction and basic concepts;

• Creating a worksheet;

• Mathematical formulas;

• Statistical functions;

• Conclusion and review.


Course passing grade: 60%

Examination passing grade (local exam under supervision): 60%

The software used for the final exam should be the same that was used by the learner during the course. Otherwise a period of time for the learner to get used to the exam software should be granted.

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