CMP-5056-1 – Word Processing 1 – 2nd Edition

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  • Combo (9-7202)
  • Learning Guide, 164 p. (8-7202-01)
  • Scored Activity (1) (0-7202-02)

This course aims at preparing learners to be able to use a word processor as a work tool. The learning guide accompanies learners in using word-processing programs of their choice to create a text, modify its presentation and print it. At the heart of the guide is an approach that examines the underlying logic common to most word-processing software. Learners will develop basic skills to word process with their software.

Duration: 25 hours (1 unit)

Each chapter includes a description of concepts, an explanation of the associated commands, where they can be found, and how they work, practice exercises, a suggested work method, a review activity and a self-check quiz.

• Introduction;

• The environment of word-processing software;

• Creating simple texts;

• Editing and basic formatting;

• Advanced layout;

• Conclusion and review;

• Vocabulary and Memory Aid.


Course passing grade: 60%

Examination passing grade (local exam under supervision): 60%

The software used for the final exam should be the same that was used by the learner during the course. Otherwise a period of time for the learner to get used to the exam software should be granted.

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