CMP-2102-1 – Creative Computer Use

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  • Learning Guide, 178 p. (8-1923-01)

This course was designed to help adult learners plan and carry out a creative computer-based project, either individually or in group. They will consolidate their knowledge of a computer application they already know to use, explore a new one or design a Web site.

Duration: 25 hours (1 unit)
  • The learning guide is divided in five sections.
  • In the first section, learners learn to create and carry out projects by using computer tools.
  • Each section is composed of two parts: an activity followed by a project.
  • In the fifth and last section, students assemble a portfolio of their work.

Evaluation carried by the adult learner and the teacher or instructor who oversaw the personal project. This evaluation counts for 90% of the final mark.

The teacher’s evaluation of the learner’s portfolio counts for 10% of the final mark.

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