CMP-2101-1 – Computer Network Communications

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  • Learning Guide, 262 p. (8-1922-01)

This course is intended to help adult learners to use a computer as a communication tool, to select appropriate tools for different situations that involve communication and to use these tools effectively. At the end of this course, they will be able to sign up for online services, use electronic mail, communicate with others directly either in writing or through video chat, to moderate blogs or manage wikis and to make the most of social networks.

Duration: 25 hours (1 unit)

By completing ten learning situations that deal with five methods of communication, learners will learn to communicate effectively and ethically by using computer tools:

• Electronic mail;

• Video conferencing and video chat;

• Blogs and wikis;

• Collaborative tools;

• Social networks.


An exam developed or chosen by the teacher, worth 100% of the total mark.

Passing mark: 60%.

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