BLG-5065-2 – The Transmission of Hereditary Characteristics

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  • Combo (9-2073)
  • Learning Guide, 310 p. (8-2073-01)
  • Scored Activities (3) (0-2073-02)
  • DIGITAL – Learning Guide, 320 p. (N-2073-01)

The BLG-5065-2 – The Transmission of Hereditary Characteristics course is designed to help the user learn about the mechanisms involved in the transmission of hereditary characteristics and related health problems. The key concepts seen include the structure of chromosomes and genes, Mendel’s laws and the transmission of human hereditary characteristics related to blood groups. The course is also aimed at raising awareness of environmentally caused genetic mutations.

Duration: 50

The Mechanisms of Heredity:

• Cell Basics

• Cell Division


The Laws of Heredity:

• Mendel’s Experiments

• Crossbreeding


Health Problems Related to Heredity:

• The Heredity of Blood Types

• Sex Chromosomes, Mutations and Hereditary Diseases


Examination Pass Mark: 60%

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